PopCulture in the Lake City Community College Library

Monday, April 28, 2008

Seventh Gaming Event Rocks! 4.26.08

Rock performers Josh Webster and Kyle Metz

Student organizers Josh Webster and Tyrone Samuels pulled off another successful gaming event, with a supporting team of eight students and community participants who shared their Wii's and XBoxes, and a library staff who manned the desk,
donated money for pizza (for console contributers and game workers only), and took care of all the many "party" details.

Parent Jan Smith brought her son, Suwannee high school student Kody to the event, and also generously donated a cooler full of drinks and a bushel of snacks! Kody brought his XBox 360 and challenged others to Halo3.

A Lake City father brought his two high school sons to play the Wii bowling game until the library closed at 11 p.m.

A gathering of adults and students giggled and went gaga over the Wii game "Cooking Mama Cook-off." You thought you could crack an egg, Josh? Virtual cooking is a totally different experience where you compete with others and use the remotes to chop, slice, fry, and stir to whip up international recipes with over 300 ingredients.

According to Frodo and Dr. Gillette, "Cooking Mama" may require both thinking skills and culinary talent. Observers kept their distance as Frodo and Dr. Gillette engaged in a serious debate about this topic.

Student Government officer D'iera Woodard operated the library's new MAC and took some "fun-house" photos of people surfing on a roller coaster and morphing into alien-looking beings.

The LCCC Chess Club organized what they claim is the first ever Wii Chess Tournament, complete with a "wee" award that was claimed by Ryan.

There were a few shooter games going on upstairs, but the crowd-pleaser was definitely "Rock Band" that prospective LCCC student Josh Power brought and set-up for the event. (Josh Power on the right)

In "Rock Band," gamers form their own band of guitar players, a drummer, and singers. The "real" band plays along with the virtual band, and according to how well they play and sing, the virtual audience either advises that they "give up their gig," or applauds. Even if you've never strummed a guitar, you can learn to appreciate what it takes to be a rock star. Just ask the Library Staffers Lynnda White and Terri Hochmuth.

Library Director Jim Morris and fiance Patty Hay visited the gaming event for old times sake. Patty is a librarian, too, and they started dating after a LCCC gaming event last year! They will be married in the LCCC Library May 10.

Even though we had a smaller turnout with a headcount of about 55, the fun factor rated five stars. Our thanks again to Student Activities for drinks and snacks, Audio-Visual for lugging all of those monitors around, and Technology Department for the essential techy-parts!

Thanks, Bubba (above), Ryan and Robert, Kody Smith, Josh Power, Demetri, Josh Horton, Josh Webster, and Natalie Wicklund for sharing your consoles and games!

Plans are churning for the next fall gaming event.