PopCulture in the Lake City Community College Library

Thursday, April 20, 2006


The Madden Tournament was a favorite!

Lake City Community College hosted its first gaming event Friday April 14, 2006, and all participants agreed it was everything we hoped for. The Library setting easily accomodated seventy registered participants that included high school students, college students, parents, and even business people from the community.
Thank you everyone!We give credit for the success to our ten hardworking staff of students, faculty & librarians, and we were especially fortunate to have LCCC tech expert Ken Schirrmacher who networked and ran tournaments, and assisted Librarian/Coordinator Vickie Lepore to keep everything running smoothly. Participants were pleasantly surprised with the generous donations from our sponsors for tournament and drawing winners!
There was just one question...When's the next event? As we blog, tournament participants and coordinators are already at work for a fall event. The college looks forward to another grand happening!
DJ Skylar and Adam from Audio-Visual Department filled the library with tehno music!
Library Assistant Jenna registers Columbia High School student
Anime Club members brought their own games and ran their own tournaments!

Jarrod (center) was our Announcer and helped with tournaments!

The Library Pit was the perfect place for the DDR Tournament.

Here's Ken coordinating one of many tournaments on the new 52" screens.

One of our students is playing the biofeedback PC game.

Whether you were an expert or a beginner gamer, this LAN party had something for everyone!

LCCC student Kevin Thomas, Librarian Vickie Lepore and LCCC English instructor Dave Hurner discuss setting up the Madden tournament.

Downstairs we had the free food, music, DDR, Crimson Skies & Halo tournaments; upstairs we had anime games and films, Madden tournament, and PC gaming computers were up and downstairs.

"The LAN party was GRAVY!" said LCCC student Anthony Brown