PopCulture in the Lake City Community College Library

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Students & Foot-Long Woody's Made This Event a Success!

AVI also sponsored our event!

The day before the gaming event, LCCC student Demetrius walked in and offered to bring his Wii console! Then a small troupe from Columbia High School walked in and offered to bring their xbox 360, organize a Halo tournament, and help clean up afterwards.

Thanks to co-organizers Tyrone Samuels, Anthony Brown and Ben English who promoted the gaming event, we had 76 registered gamers, plus a headcount of 25 more onlookers that included 9 librarians from NEFLIN, Alachua County Library District, Union County Public Library, and Sumpter County Public Library. Ben and Marc held an informal workshop for the librarians to demonstrate the PS3 console and games, and eloquently answered their questions.

We were very fortunate that the new Lake City Pizza establishment Foot-Long Woody's gave us an excellent deal on scrumptious pizzas! We hope they will sponsor us again.

For 13 hours, gamers played Madden, Dreamfall, Plasma Pong, Halo, PS3 games, DDR, SingStar Pop, Guitar Hero,
and a variety of Wii games. Gamers won T-shirts, Bawls drinks, posters, and then afterwards, bless their hearts, everyone helped to clean up.

Co-organizers Anthony and Tyrone have some good ideas for the next gaming event to draw more people, so if you want to help, please call Ms. Lepore at 386-754-4357.