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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

2006 Summer Gaming Event Draws a Different Crowd!

This event drew 53 registered gamers from LCCC, SFCC, SFHS, Bell, Branford HS, CHS, FWHS, Full Sail College, Homeschoolers and 25 other community members and LCCC staff. Those gamers who completed a survey indicated they appreciated having a challenging and fun event, and they liked having access to different games and meeting new people. Most responded that they would attend other college events like Jazz and Java, Rockin' in the Stacks, Book clubs and Cafe Politico.

Beaming Halo winner takes away prizes and Bawls energy drinks!

Carol Wise, French instructor at CHS, displays Dreamfall, a newly released adventure game that was donated by Aspyr, Inc. The game is usually promoted to the female gamer who enjoys futuristic and magical world settings.

The Halo tournament drew the biggest crowd this time. The warm up to the tournament was rowdy, but during the tournament, it was eerily quiet except for the occasional death moans.

The Tony Hawk Skateboarding game was a popular choice!

This time we nestled the DDR game behind the elevator, and dancers seemed to appreciate being in a more private spot!

Sean, our library's most loyal booklover and student, brought his three children and wife to the event. Here he is demonstrating to his boys how to play the PC game Spiderman!


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