PopCulture in the Lake City Community College Library

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

April Friday 13th ~ Third Gaming Event!

How will this event be different?

Come early at 6pm, and help set up.

Two local rock bands will play from 8 - 10pm ... Solace and Nymph. Maybe you've heard them play at Main Street Cafe.

No prizes...but lots of pizza and drinks.

Tournaments will be managed by students...so if you want to be in a tournament, then help get it organized! (call Ms. Lepore 754-4357, or come by) So far, someone has volunteered to manage Counterstrike (PC tourny), and I'm renting Tony Hawk 8 for a PS3 player, but we'll only have two controllers. Anyone want to manage a Halo tournament? Madden?

Demo a game in the back conference room using our new plasma screen.

The Anime Club will have a display, and they are bringing Guitar Hero, too.

Drop by to pick up fliers to share with friends. Remember...16 years +. Younger students will need to be with an adult, or their parents will need to call me and / or write a permission slip.

We always appreciate your ideas and suggestions!
Ms. Vickie