PopCulture in the Lake City Community College Library

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lucky 13-Hours!

Lucky you. On July Friday 13th, beginning at 10 AM - 11PM (that's 13 hours) at the Lake City Community College Library, you and your friends (16 years or older; if you are younger, see message at end of this post) can bring your controllers, consoles and games and set up for a marathon gaming event! You might even want to arrange a tournament. THIS IS YOUR EVENT!

Everyone is invited to participate in the Singstar, Guitar Hero or DDR games already set up!

  • Every 13th person who walks in and registers will receive 2 bottles of Bawls energy drink!

  • Beginning at 11 AM, we will draw a name every hour (that's 13 drawings!) and that person will receive 2 bottles of Bawls energy drink!

  • There are other prizes, like a DDR game, SuperStar Ruby Doll and posters for which you can submit tickets for a drawing! (yes, you have to be present!)

For just trying out the Dreamfall game, you can receive a T-shirt (while supplies last).

There will be free beverages through-out the event, and the free pizza will start arriving beginning at 5:30 PM.

ABOUT THE AGE LIMITS: (bring some I.D.)

  • IF YOU ARE 13 - 16, you can do three things: come with an adult (over 21 years); bring a note from your parent with their phone number; have your parent call the Librarian Ms. Lepore 386-754-4357.

  • IF YOU ARE YOUNGER THAN 13, you need to be accompanied by an adult.

  • We appreciate your cooperation with these guidelines. Our previous events have been very enjoyable because everyone has abided by these guidelines, and the atmosphere has been pleasant and FUN! Thank you!