PopCulture in the Lake City Community College Library

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

LCCC Game~aThon Friday July 28, 2006

A special thanks to our generous sponsors!

Alienware High-Performance Systems

The Library's summer gaming event is, of course, a free event with free food and prizes from our sponsors. We'll start at 4pm, and the event will be dedicated to three games: Dreamfall, Halo2, and Madden.

~Dreamfall by Aspyr, is recommended for new gamers and anyone who likes adventure games. We'll be giving away Dreamfall T-shirts for the first 15 players who try the game out, and a Dreamfall PC game ($40 value) for four players who enter the Dreamfall raffle!

~Halo2 There will be two tournaments. One for anybody, and then a separate match: John Van from Gainesville has challenged LCCC's tech guy Ken Schirrmacher, and both have won enough tournaments in Florida to nurture the usual gargantuan egos. They're not in this for the money...just for the pure joy of watching egos get mangled!

~Madden Organized by Jarrod from Lake City's Rhino. Both PS and XBox.

We will also have a DJ, DDR tournament, the biofeedback game Wild Divine, and all of the PC games available for checkout to use on the library's gaming computers.

Tournament Players B.Y.O.C. CONTROLLERS!! bring your own, or check out a controller with your picture ID.

Hope to see you and your friends (16+ years)!
Please call 754-4357 Monday - Thursday if you have more questions, or email leporev@lakecitycc.edu.